by Kylie Fox

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Cradle Me 03:44
There was a rainbow over Hope so I pulled off for a grilled cheese Saw the reflection of the sunset in the okanogan valley I drove the Coquihalla listening to Scorpion I played in a record store in Calgary and was on my way when I was done I’ve felt the Lord in the breath of the prairies And driving by the mountain sky Holy snow, holy green A woman on Denman, she took my hands for dancing I’ve observed this country catch my float and cradle me I read my horoscope in the Coffee News at the oldest cafe in the coulees Got me all defensive, said all pisces swim lonely The woman behind the counter was a swan just like my sister Hers is the self-consoling voice in my head She don’t know that I miss her A woman sits reading, she acts like she is expired From hitch-hike days, bellbottomed boys Water and desire She’d like me married but sees her face when she looks at me My mother is my country Let me go but cradle me I met a man on an island he played the fiddle he played the game We walked among the oysters, he was lonely just the same If it weren’t for rehearsal maybe he’d catch my show tonight But in the morning I’ll be on a ferry, in the evening I’ll catch my flight I am Amelia, I can warm my own hands And I’ll deny most nights I long To crash into a man Let me crash fiercely, oh make me needy oh make me weak I’m at home when I’m alone But take my weight and cradle me
Glowstars 03:31
Glowstars on my ceiling I can hear my dad snoring My lunch is in the fridge, it’s packed for school in the morning I’ll teach kindergarten Duty in my Doc Martens A charismatic administration will show me my classroom I’ll tell them I’m a faker Just a babysitter in a blazer Sometimes I teach high school Sometimes I teach science I hand out crossword sheets and deal with adolescent defiance But they just want attention Some time answered questions They’re just cropped top kids and misfits doodling dreams on their looseleafs The queens and the slackers They’re just babies waiting for what’s after Meanwhile I’ll try to find the girl who would have been me Meanwhile I’ll try to be a mother to them all But I am no teacher and no starving artist Just looking for balance I’ll eat dinner on the table that I used to do my homework on Finally it’s the weekend I go uptown with some old friends Some are married some are nurses some don’t have any plans yet I look ‘round the party At the flirts and the posers But mostly I see pre-teens leaning up ‘gainst their lockers Disappointed big talkers Missing Lego, dodgeball and soccer
Avocado 03:14
You’ve got your secret stretchy jeans And made the online postings Notifying to your anties and the public you’re expecting People ask if it was planned and you say “bitch” under your breath You are glowing you are growing something similar in size to an avocado An avocado You’ll stay up all night starring In the cradle speculating If the nose might look like his but its got your eyebrows maybe Baby shoes and baby voices, picture books and tired under eyes And feeling shocked and weirded out not long ago it was an avocado And avocado What if you are not smart enough to help them with their homework And all their friends are assholes and you can sense them changing What if they’re funnier than you are you’re intimidated What if they’re so sad and lonely not even blanket forts can help your avocado Your avocado Someday they may not let you brush their hair or know who Zack is You’re reduced to secretary and chauffeur to every practice You’re still the one who knows them sleeping, when they’re tired, proud or nervous And when their grown you’re still the one that they will come to when they’re uncertain Still your avocado Your avocado So eat your greens and do your squats Let others feel it squirming This is next level learning about life and you and loving Call your friends, we want to help you We can raise it all together But for now enjoy the quiet, pretty soon your little pal will be a mango A little mango
Cool Feet 04:15
We like driving in the car Ed Sheeran on the radio Your hair like fire out the window And I can see you five years back The camping trips and garage beers we already had You were handmade for me, I believe That you know how to cool me down Lay your feet on me In our castle on this marsh You are all I see And August will be ours every Summer we spend ‘Cause in the Summertime I married my best friend We will live here in Grand-Bay Your mom will help mind the babies We’ll see familiar friends doing groceries Vacations and Thanksgivings as a dad And finding time to remind you that You were handmade for me, I believe You look beautiful today When we grow tired and sentimental This picture will be on the mantle And you can still sit on my lap We can laugh on all the adventures we’ve had And how you were handmade for me I believe
This Beer 02:44
It was the end of the contract Out in British Columbia Everybody was fed up And missing home I was aching in the summer heat When my crew boss from my home town came to me “You’re from Saint John”, he said And he handed me a Moosehead My Dad worked at the brewery Punching the clock since he was twenty eight It put me through university In more ways than one I could drink a whole case of it And feel alright in the morning At your camp, on your boat, or your shed I bet you’ve got a case of Moosehead It’s the sound of your friends staying at least another half hour It’s the taste of this Port City It’s the smell of my father It’s a kitchen party, game of crib, bonfire on the beach It’s a late night at the rink, or finally turning nineteen You say it’s just a beer ‘Cause you’re probably not from here This beer is home When I’m on the road and far away People ask me about my hometown They think we’re all so kind I say they’re mostly right I say there’s room enough for strangers But be on your best behavior Cause everybody is a friend of a friend And everyone drinks Moosehead
Chetwynd 04:22
Everything’s dusty in Chetwynd, BC Working from a motor inn with a crummy TV Scrambling ‘round in the tumbled-down woods of the North Trying to pay of degrees we don’t know what we got for Every night we don’t work the next day We drink to remind ourselves how freedom tastes At the strip club; the only bar open in town, Karaoke at the legion is over by now The roads are lined with carvings of mermaids This ocean is green, and it gets in my boots I’ve never craved Coca-Cola so badly I’ll visit my brother in Vancouver soon Everyone’s skinny in Chetwynd, BC Fourteen-hour days planting next decade’s trees A cigarette and Kraft Dinner is dinner tonight I meant to call my mother but I ran out of time And everyone’s horny in Chetwynd, BC Lonely and lustful for some company But I value your friendship too much, I’m afraid To redo the mistake we already made The roads are lined with carvings of dragons I don’t feel funny, I can’t keep up with you I think of my friend who I hated so badly I’ll stop being stubborn and call her up soon Everyone’s clueless in Chetwynd, BC Their jobs were too corporate, they wanted to be free Book a flight to Nepal, maybe waitress again But don’t think about it til the season ends Called my sister, her son’s on the swing Called my friend so she could show me the ring I looked at my watch but there wasn’t one there So I played my guitar and then I brushed my hair The roads are lined with carvings of aliens Ask me my birthday and look at the moon Apparently I won’t find the answers this lifetime Hopefully I’ll come up with a good question soon Everything is dusty in Chetwynd
I See Green 05:01
When I look at you I see green Like the color of the water underneath the trees With my face in your chest I feel safe Yeah I could lay there with you all day Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, to get to know me Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, to get to know me Goodbyes are opportunities to realize how you really felt Lean against the memories I missed you already knowing this day would come When I’d become a spec behind the places you will go Just as long as you don’t forget I took the time to know you I’m going to buy a roll of film and capture your face I won’t develop the pictures for a hundred days I’ll send you a postcard from the place you’re from But by the time you return Hell I’ll be be gone
I’ll make some tea and play piano I’ll dry my dishes after dinner Dust collects on my coffee table Maybe I’ll clean it off tomorrow Oh, somebody comfort me With commentary Tell me a story Tell me you love me I’ve been waiting for some guy on the cross walk to compliment my jacket I’ve been hoping that the guy on the barstool next to me is single This is the oldest that I have ever been But lonely I’ve been before No one sees me sleeping The fan just shakes its head The dryer and the kettle The noisy mockery of morning Oh, urgency take me Stimulate me Make me feel funny Make me come I’ve been screaming, arching into the the nighttime Awake and independent I’ve been aching for some pain and some passion Conversation on your stomach This is the coldest that I have ever been I’m horny and I’m bored
Sports Bar 02:55
Take me to a sports bar in the strip mall on the weekend We’ll split three pitchers, play some pool, you’ll touch my knee and Drop me off later with nothing but a honk and goodbye We won’t look at each other ‘cause we’re scared either one of us will try But you can kiss me if you want to Just to test the waters Boy you make me shy, Is there something here to save? Are we holding out for friendship? Are we holding out in vain? You are chasing sunsets in the Arizona canyons And I am chasing stages in a Winter so Canadian And honestly I don’t think of you when I’m boozing with some far out clowns But every Chevrolet will be your truck when I make my way to town
Manitoba 03:09
I can feel the cold in my bones I can feel a chill in the wind We’ve all heard the news, it’s whispering Around the town, the bars, the barns, the eves Manitoba is burning And the streets of the city are quiet today We don’t got enough arenas or cots Enough bread to break over the loss We don’t got enough sense of humour to laugh at it again The coincidence And the whales are beaching on the shore And people have been angry so long they don’t know why they’re angry anymore And the voice that should consol us all is a voice that nobody can stand We’ll fix it all by building homes on stilts when we run out of land And we can’t call the shooter a terrifying man If we’re going to build a wall, it better be a damn And the nightingales, we’ve found our tongues We’re reclaiming the sanctity of our skin But the bourgeois pigs are snacking on our arms and legs in this apocalypse we’re in If extreme rain wipes out the patriarch The Lord won’t part the sky and send down an arc We can feel the cold in our bones We can feel the cold in our bones We can feel the cold in our bones
Face 03:23
I like the face you make when you’re trying to beat me at Scrabble I like the face you make when it’s frozen on Facetime I like the face you make when you see me in something skimpy I like the face you make when you’re wondering what’s on my mind I like your sleeping face, and your smirking face You’re puzzled face and your focused face I like the face of your body, of your heart and your mind Baby I could watch your face all the time I could stare at your face all the time I like the face you make when you’re lifting something heavy I like the face you make when you’re lifting me on your lap I like the face you make when you think you’re teaching me something I like the face you make when I’m scratching your back I like your shaved face, and your beard face Your that’s-a-bad-smell face, and your tired face I like the face of your body, of your heart and your mind Baby I could watch your face all the time I could stare at your face all the time I like the face you make when you’re pretending you like what I cooked you I like the face you make when you’re changing gears in your car I like the face you make when something is a riot And I like the face you make when you take a joke too far I want to touch your face, and hold your face, and wash your face And bless your face, and test your face, and rest on your face And kiss your face, I miss your face I want to hang a giant painting up in oil Of your face Your face, I really miss Your face, so much it hurts Your face I could stare at your face all the time


released March 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Kylie Fox Saint John, New Brunswick

Alt-folk Canadiana artist Kylie Fox spins stories of rolling prairies and the North-Western woods, of hometown fables and flames, and of the clumsy dichotomy of youth and adulthood in sophisticated webs of cynicism, beauty, and wit. The gentle, honey-toast timbre of her voice is also rich with power and direction, lending to a performance as honest and compelling as her poetry. ... more

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